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Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development

NHSD is an introductory workshop on child sexual abuse prevention.

Participants will gain information and skills to develop and maintain open communication with children, identify and respond to normal as well as concerning sexual behaviors in children, answer children’s questions, and give children positive messages. Nurturing healthy sexual development plays an important role in protecting children from sexual abuse and/or developing sexually abusive behaviors.

 It covers a wide range of topics, and is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, including early childhood educators, child care providers, parents, teachers, health care providers, Vermont Department for Children and Families staff, etc. This is an engaging, discussion-based and interactive 3 hour training.

Completion of this training counts towards Child Development Associate (CDA), Specialized Care, or re-licensing hours in VT.

Topics include:

  • developmentally expected sexual development in children
  • types of child sexual abuse
  • healthy and concerning sexual behaviors
  • answering children’s questions
  • talking to children about sexuality