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Act 1

Section 10 of the Act 1 mandate requires that

"A licensed child care facility shall ensure that all individuals working at the facility receive orientation, based on materials recommended by the Agency of Human Services and the Department of Education, on the prevention, identification, and mandatory reporting of child abuse, including child sexual abuse, signs and symptoms of sexual abuse, sexual violence, grooming processes, recognizing the dangers of child sexual abuse in and close to the home, and other predatory behaviors of sex offenders." 

We can help you meet this mandate! The two following trainings are available, free of charge.

What is Child Sexual Abuse? (WCSA, 2 hours)

Participants will learn about what child sexual abuse is, what the grooming process looks like, how to recognize signs of abuse, and how to respond to concerns about a child. Through talking about child sexual abuse and how it happens, participants will develop skills to recognize abusive behaviors and respond to suspected abuse. This training is in partial support of licensed centers and registered childcare homes meeting their Vermont Act 1 requirement.

Commit to Kids Act 1 Training (Act 1, 3 hours)

This training is available to centers where directors are seeking support to present the sensitive topic of child sexual abuse to their staff using the Commit to Kids program. The training covers the basic education for staff required by Vermont Act 1 legislation. *Directors seeking to have PCAVT train their staff directly are looking for What is Child Sexual Abuse? (above).

Find more information about Act 1 and what it requires of schools. To read the full legislation: