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10 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

  • Meet the baby’s basic needs: Is the baby hungry, need a diaper change, or be burped? Is the baby too hot or too cold? Check the clothing for comfort.
  • Is the baby sick? Check the baby’s temperature. Is it 100.5° or over? Is there vomiting or diarrhea? If so, call your doctor.
  • Hold the baby close and gently massage.
  • Rock, walk or dance with your baby, or try a swing or bouncy chair.
  • Sing and or talk to your baby.
  • Hold baby and breathe slowly and calmly. The baby may feel your calmness and become quiet.
  • Lower any surrounding noise or lights
  • Walk the baby outside in a stroller or take a ride in the car.
  • Call a friend or relative you can trust to take care of the baby.
  • When nothing else works, put the baby down in a safe secure place such as a crib, give yourself a break and leave the room. Check on the baby every 5-10 minutes.

No baby has ever died from crying.