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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

CSAP: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (PREV, 2 hours)

Participants will: a) discuss child sexual abuse prevention; b) identify knowledge and skills they could acquire to personally and/or professionally help prevent child sexual abuse. Effective child sexual abuse prevention reaches from the early development of social-emotional strength and healthy relationship skills, to adults learning methods to intervene before abuse takes place, to appropriate and effective response, to changing social norms and behaviors. Participants will receive an overview of what they can do to help make the world a safer place for children. This program is suitable for all child care providers and educators and the people who support them.

PI: Plugged In: Digital Media, Pornography, and Children (2 hours)
Children now are growing up in a world saturated by media, internet access, and, frequently, pornography. This could be very different from the world their caregivers and teachers grew up in! As part of protecting children from harm, adults in this workshop will: a) summarize the potential positive and negative impacts of technology and media on children; b) analyze the potential impacts of pornography on healthy sexual development. Tools will be provided to help families, teachers, and caregivers consider their options when it comes to helping to protect children from harmful messaging. This program is particularly for infant through after school (children up to 12 years old) teachers and care givers, and those who support them.