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Educator Trainings

Students are not the only ones who need to receive information about sexual abuse and its prevention. Schools and educators should be brought into the conversation as well so that they are aware of the SAFE-T Program and can be active participants in sexual abuse prevention.

Healthy Relationships Project offers various trainings to educators, each with a specific focus and purpose. The Faculty and Staff Training is for all members of a school faculty and staff (or childcare center staff) and includes general information about child sexual abuse and the Healthy Relationships Project program(s) being used. The Teacher Training is designed for educators who are interested in using the programs with their students in the classroom.

In addition, the Training of Trainers is a training option for those individuals who are interested in becoming trained as Healthy Relationships Project Trainers. These individuals would then be able to assist other schools and/or organizations in bringing in and carrying out Healthy Relationships Project programs in their community.

If you would like more information or would like to schedule a training, please contact us.