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1(800) CHILDREN (VT) | (802) 229-5724

About Us

We are committed to continuing to be a strong voice for families in the hills, towns and cities of Vermont by fulfilling our mission.

Our Mission:

to promote and support healthy relationships between children and the people who care for them in order to eliminate child abuse and neglect. 

Our Goals:

  • to end the generational cycle of abuse;
  • train all who interact with children on proven methods to prevent child abuse;
  • and empower children to be heard. 

Our Impact:

PCAVT has been serving youth and families in Vermont for 41 years by creating, adopting, and carrying out innovative, proven effective prevention programs.

During the 2016 calendar year, PCAVT’s statewide programs served almost 14,000 Vermont children, teens, and adults through direct service and training. This represents 117 young child sexual abuse prevention trainings, 201 Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention trainings, 58 parent education and support programs, and 78 schools participating in the Healthy Relationship Project.  Additionally, 15,000 copies of the Vermont Parents’ Home Companion and Resource Directory were delivered to new parents and other families in Vermont.