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Bully No More!

Tams-Witmark is happy to announce that the new musical BULLY NO MORE! is now available for licensing. An inspiring and powerful musical allegory, BULLY NO MORE! explores the repercussions of bullying and celebrates the power of individuals to band together and stand up for what is right. With colorful animal characters and lively songs, the show empowers and inspires its audience to look out for one another, treat each other with kindness and respect, and “Hold On To Hope” in an imperfect world.

Bully No More! the one-act, 60 to 90 minute show features a cast of nine actors. Direction and depth of production determine the age level and running time. Roles are flexible, and can be played by performers of any age or gender. Accompaniment to the score, which features eighteen original songs, is provided in prerecorded performance tracks.

Bully No More! an inspiring and powerful musical allegory will break thru barriers of bullying that the audience will recognize and remember. Animal characters avoid stereotyping and allow the audience to concentrate on behavior, not looks. Lively and empowering songs encourage us to treat each other with kindness, respect, and “Hold Onto Hope” in an imperfect world.

Bully No More! is appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school students, colleges, community and professional theatres, and runs 60-90 minutes. Direction and depth of production can determine the age level and the running time of the show. Costumes can be realistic or avant-garde. The designer or the performers can use their imagination to create costumes using colors, unique shapes, etc., to represent the animals. Only the character names must remain, because they are mentioned in the dialogue and songs. Younger children can sing the songs as a choral group and each Bully and Target can be divided into more than one part.

Bully No More! can be presented as a full-scale musical with a chorus, choreography, a set, etc.

Here is the cast of characters:

Dinosaur, who has been traveling through the galaxies, enters to discover a world inhabited by two groups of animals: the dominant Bullies (Lion, Monkey, Owl, and Rabbit) and their helpless Targets (Duck, Unicorn, Skunk, and Elephant). The conflict between the two groups appears unresolvable (“We Got Issues”). When Dinosaur crash-lands on the mountaintop, the animals explain that they live in “The Land Between.” Dinosaur, a born mediator, senses that these two groups need some guidance (“What’ll You Do?”).

Skunk is a studious scientist. But the Bullies, led by Lion, break into Skunk’s laboratory, trash everything, and lock Skunk inside. From outside the lab, the Bullies proudly share their malicious social media posts about Skunk (“Copy. Paste. Send”). Dinosaur intercedes, but the Bullies stalk off, unconvinced.

Next, the Bullies harass Unicorn, pretending she doesn’t exist. Unicorn is shaken, doubting her self-worth, but Dinosaur reassures her (“I Am For Real”).

The Bullies steal Unicorn’s backpack and run to a nearby pond, where they discover Duck sitting on a rock, reading an easy reader book. Owl taunts Duck (“Beg A Little, Crawl A Little”) but Duck has trouble finding the right thing to say (“Longing To Qua…”). The Bullies use Unicorn’s backpack to tie Duck on the rock. Dinosaur and Unicorn discover Duck, but they can’t swim, so they go looking for Elephant.

Elephant has been playing soccer, despite the insults hurled by Rabbit and the other Bullies. Dinosaur and Unicorn convince Elephant to help (“Time To Stand Up!”) and the three of them successfully rescue Duck.

Unicorn, noticing Monkey’s bananas sticking out of the backpack, quickly hides them (“Going Bananas!”). Unicorn begins to taunt Monkey, but Dinosaur steps in, and Monkey realizes how painful it is to be the target of bullying. To the dismay of Lion and the Bullies, Monkey tentatively joins the Targets as they return to the lab to rescue Skunk.

Dinosaur, Monkey, and the Targets free Skunk, who feels newly empowered (“I Feel Strong!”). Dinosaur is impressed, and everyone feels optimistic (“Hold Onto Hope”).

Freed to do as they like, the Targets consider bullying back, but decided instead to tell the Bullies how they feel. The Bullies, however, are unmoved. Monkey suddenly has a choice to make, and he decides to officially join the Targets (“Latitude To Your Attitude”).

Duck convinces Owl to use his brain for good. Dinosaur and Elephant try to make Rabbit understand and change (“Hop, Rabbit, Hop!”). Rabbit is reluctant at first, but eventually gives in (“Rabbit! Rabbit!”).

This leaves only Lion, who remains stubbornly unshaken (“Greed”). The former Bullies join the Targets in their attempt to persuade Lion (“Bully No More!”), but still, Lion resists. Skunk tries a different tactic, telling Lion, “Everyone has problems, but we all have choices and are responsible for what we do.” (“A Perfect World”). Finally, Lion silently crosses the stage and joins the rest of the animals (Finale: “Don’t Bully Me Down!”).

“Excellent music and writing make this a must see for the whole family!” says Mike Curtis, writer of the comic strip Dick Tracy. “It’s not often that a fresh new musical comes along that shines the spotlight on a subject most would rather not discuss,” he adds. “Bullying starts early in life… it has to be faced and corrected early, and this musical tries to do just that.”

The show’s creator, Elaine Davida Sklar, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Communication from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Education from Manhattanville College. She served as the Director of The Greenwich Repertory Theatre and Connecticut Playmakers, the Drama Chairman for The Masters School, and co-founded The Children’s Theatre Workshop.

Tams-Witmark is participating with Ms. Sklar to donate a portion of our revenue to non-profit organizations focused on bullying awareness and prevention.

*If your school has chosen their 2018/2019 musical, Bully No More! can be performed in addition to the selected show, as it falls into a special category. 

Bully No More! contributes to a safe and positive environment and may just change someone's life!

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Book and Lyrics by Elaine Davida Sklar
 Music composed by Jon Gailmor and Elaine Davida Sklar with Danielle Davis

*** The Bully No More Discussion Guide was written by Prevent Child Abuse Vermont to accompany the Play. To order the Bully No More Discussion Guide, call 800-975-7147 or email The cost of the Discussion Guide is $25.00.