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Child Sexual Abuse Definition

Child Sexual Abuse Takes a Variety of Forms

Touching/Contact sexual abuse includes:
• Touching a child’s genitals or breasts for sexual pleasure
• Encouraging or forcing a child to touch another’s genitals
• Oral contact with genitals
• Vaginal or anal penetration with a part of the body (e.g. finger, penis) or with an object
• Frottage (rubbing against someone for the purpose of sexual stimulation)

Sexual abuse of a child may occur through behaviors that do not involve actual physical contact.

Non-Touching/Non-Contact sexual abuse includes:
• Invitation to touch another in a sexual way
• Voyeurism (watching a child bathe, dress, or toilet) for sexual gratification
• Encouraging or forcing a child to masturbate or to watch others masturbate
• Indecent exposure (“flashing”) or showing genital areas
• Involving children in the viewing or production of pornographic materials
• Encouraging or forcing children to watch sexual activities
• Encouraging children to behave in sexually inappropriate ways
• Verbal or emotional abuse of a sexual nature (e.g. calling a child a “slut”)
• Child trafficking
• Luring a child

Adapted from Commit to Kids™ A Program to Help Child Serving Organizations Prevent Sexual Abuse. Special Edition for the State of Vermont. ©Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc. 2008-2010.