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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

At Prevent Child Abuse Vermont, we take a comprehensive, health-based approach to prevention. All of our sexual abuse programming emphasizes:

  • Adult responsibility to protect children
  • Training for those who care for children
  • Developmentally on target instruction for children
  • Victim and victimizer prevention
  • The prevention of child-to-child sexual abuse
  • Trauma-informed practice

The prevention of sexual abuse is complicated because there are so many cultural and historical variables at play. At the same time, it is encouraging to note that there are some simple steps we can begin taking immediately that will help protect children from this form of abuse. We want to help children enjoy healthy and happy relationships – this also means raising children in ways that will help them avoid developing any abusive behaviors.

Programs for Early Childhood and
School Communities

Care for Kids (PK-2)
We Care Elementary (3-6)
Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens (SAFE-T) (7-8)