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Forever Pinwheel Charm and Bangle


Carved Solutions, in Williston, Vermont owned by Dawn Lancaster has created the PCAVT Forever Charm and Bangle, a sterling silver bracelet and charm to help support the organization. The charm is a Pinwheel representing PCAVT’s logo symbolizing the happy childhoods, free of abuse that all of our children deserve. The Angel Wing charm is for the “angels” in your life.

The “Pure Energy” Forever Charms and Bangles made by their in house jewelers using only the finest materials. Argentium .935 Sterling Silver is eco-source certified, nickel free and shines with the brilliance of platinum.


The price of each PCAVT Forever Charm & Bangle is $80$40 of every single PCAVT bangle sold will be donated directly back to PCAVT from Carved Solutions.  Additionally, those who choose to shop with purpose and thought can shop all year long at by entering PCAVT in the special request field.  Every purchase noted with PCAVT in the special request field will create a donation equal to 50% of the product value.  Example: if your product total is $30 we donate $15, if your product total is $500 we donate $250.  Whether you purchase products we specifically made for PCAVT or something from the Carved Solutions overall catalog, every purchase counts.


As we all have special moments to celebrate and gift all year long please consider purchasing  with a purpose. Carved Solutions is making it easy.