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Guardian Ad Litems in Franklin/ Grand Isle Counties

In an exciting new venture, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont has joined the Vermont Judiciary in launching a pilot program to recruit Guardians ad Litem in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.

The number of children in need of representation by a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in the court system has increased substantially in the last three years, while the number of GALs has declined.  This new collaboration will provide additional time for recruiting, training and mentoring new GALs.  The goals for the pilot program are to increase representation for the children of Franklin/Grand Isle Counties, distribute the workload more evenly among those doing GAL work currently, and introduce new members of the community to the wonderful opportunity of being the voice of children who are unable to advocate for themselves. 

Mary Fletcher Stanley has been hired as the new Guardian ad Litem Coordinator for Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.  Ms. Stanley, a resident of Franklin County for nearly 35 years, brings years of work experience within the communities of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.  Her passion for children has been demonstrated in her four and a half years’ work as Team Leader with the Family and Community Support Team at Northwestern Counseling and Support Services, her experience of four years with Franklin County Caring Communities alcohol and drug prevention programs, as well as her past experience as a volunteer with the GAL Program.  Ms. Stanley graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Springfield College in 2011 and anticipates finishing her Master’s in Organizational Management and Leadership also from Springfield College in December of 2017. Ms. Stanley will be based out of her office at 2 North Main Street (4th Floor) in St. Albans and can be reached at (802) 498-0612 or by email at