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How to parent toddlers safely


When your toddler is about to do something that could be

dangerous, distract them.

Examples | Show him/her something interesting in another area;

bring him/her into another room or outside.



When your toddler is behaving less than perfectly, but is in no

danger, ignore the behavior.

Example | Look away from him/her and do not react to the

unwanted behavior.


Plan Ahead

Avoid behavior problems by planning ahead.

Examples | Danger proofing the home. Feeding and dressing

the child rather than expecting them to do it, naps before outings,

allow extra time to prepare for trips.


Walk Away

If your toddlers’ behavior is upsetting you and you feel you might

lose control.

Examples | If you become upset, put the child in a safe place and

take a break for yourself. Never touch a child when you are angry!