For information please call:
1(800) CHILDREN (VT) | (802) 229-5724


Purchasing KIDBEARS™ is a wonderful way to help Prevent Child Abuse Vermont raise funds and to help promote the awareness of our mission...promote and support healthy relationships between children and the people who care for them in order to eliminate child abuse. 

PCAV has partnered with Proforma, A Vision of Success in Barre to bring this exciting new program to life. The KidBears are 11" tall, plush and cuddly, and each comes with a tee shirt. There are two different messages on the tee shirt- Hug Don't Shake, or Cherish Every Child.. The Bears also come with a Beartificate of Authenticity.

buy KidBears?

  • Make children happy at Holiday time - buy KidBears™ and donate back to PCAV or  your favorite non-profit for distribution or give them out yourself.
  • Buy KidBears for your employees with a card telling them you made a donation in their name.
  • Buy KidBears as an incentive to give to your customers and/or employees.
  • Buy KidBears just because it is a great gift and know that you are helping the children and  families of Vermont.

Program Cost:

  • Bears are sold in lots of 12 or individualy for $15 each. Some shipping charges may apply.
  • PCAV is a 501c3 private non-profit.
  • Bears are $180 for 12, $360 for 24, etc.

Call 1-800-CHILDREN, 802-229-5724, email, or call Proforma at 802-479-0961, for more information and to order the KidBears.

Many thanks to Proforma, Vision Of Success, and Interrobang Design Collaborative, Inc., for their hard work and vision of a KidBear Family.

Individual KidBears are available at $15.00 each by calling 1-800-CHILDREN, 802-229-5724 or email for more information and to order the KidBears.