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Prevent Child Abuse Vermont, on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary, hosted an all-day conference to celebrate Vermont’s 40-year commitment to prevention; to recognize Vermont’s success in producing excellent outcomes for Vermont children, families, and communitie; and most importantly, to renew our commitment to a strong prevention focus moving into the future. 

The conference featured a retrospective look at Vermont’s move from a primary focus on intervention and institutionalization, to creating conditions that promote the health and well-being of children and families. It also served as a call to all Vermonters, and our aspiring politicians, to renew that commitment as we move forward as a State. There was also a Gubernatorial Candidates panel with questions from participants.

The conference was opened by Governor Peter Shumlin with an inspiring talk on prevention. Secretary of the Agency of Human Services Hal Cohen, Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe and Aly Richards from Lets Grow Kids also spoke.

A video featured an interview with Con Hogan, a former Secretary of the Agency of Human Services, was shown. (The video will be available soon for viewing) There was also a video with former Governors: Madeline Kunin, Howard Dean and James Douglas talking about prevention during their respective terms. (The video will be available soon for viewing) Kristin Carlson of Green Mountain Power facilitated, while gubernatorial candidates Sue Minter and Lt. Governor Phil Scott, separately,  spoke on prevention and answered questions.

Con Hogan video:

Governors video:

Throughout the day, graphic recording artist, Angelique McAlpine worked to create a prevention timeline. She also created a graphic of Secretary Hogan's interview, one of the priorities for the next 5 years and also one of Pat Stanislaski's footnote speech. Finally, Angelique created a graphic for the next 5 years presenter priorities identified by participants and speakers from the conference.

In the afternoon, there were several wonderful workshops available and they were well attended. They were:

Expanding Vermont’s Home Visiting System

Family Resiliency, Family Voice, and Family Leadership

Strengthening Families Framework: Valuing Vermont’s Families

Achieving High-Quality, Affordable Early Care and Learning for All

Achieving Effective Act 1 Implementation

Opiate Prevention Strategies:  From Risk Factors to Recovery Renewing the Interagency System of Care

Pat Stanislaski, the Director of Partnering for Prevention, was the footnote speaker. Ms. Stanislaski gave an inspiring speech and charged everyone to look to the future of prevention.
Pat is the Director of her own consulting firm in New Jersey.  She has more than 30 years of experience in the field of prevention.  She has worked in state government, for educational organizations and for public and non-profit agencies. 
For 23 years, she directed the CAP (Child Assault Prevention) project in 26 states and has started programs in 16 countries outside the US.
A frequent presenter at national and international conferences, Pat is the recipient of several national awards.  For many years, she has served as a member of the expert faculty of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect.  She spends her time now, teaching resilience and empathy as well as the Protective Factors Framework at workshops around the country. 

Here are the links to the recording of the conference, generously done by ORCA: part 1 part 2

Prevention Works was co-sponsored by:

The Vermont Agency of Human Services:

   Vermont Department for Children and Families

   Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living

   Vermont Department of Health

   Vermont Department of Mental Health

Let's Grow Kids

The Turrell Fund

The Children and Family Council for Prevention Program

John LeClair Foundation

Green Mountain Power

Vermont Children's Trust Fund

Babble-On Day Care.

The conference was planned in collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Education, Vermont Parent-Child Center Network, the Vermont Family Network, The KidSafe Collaborative of Chittenden County, Vermont Network against Domestic and Sexual Violence , Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health and the ChildSafe Program of Vermont.


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