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Nurturing Parenting Programs

What are Nurturing Parenting Programs?

Nurturing Parenting Programs are curriculum-based, parenting education programs that work with the whole family. Families participate in 2 1/2 hour fun, educational sessions that meet weekly for 8 to 26 weeks, depending on the particular program and curriculum. At each session, adults and children take part in separate, age-appropriate activities as well as share food and family nurturing time together. 

When and where do Nurturing Parenting Programs take place?
Nurturing Parenting Programs take place in communities throughout the state of Vermont and are offered free of charge. Many programs begin in the early fall (September or October) or the winter (January or February), but we conduct programs throughout the year. 

How do families benefit from Nurturing Parenting Programs?

Parents learn from discussion, activities, presentations, video tapes, and home practice: 

  • What children think and feel 
  • What to expect from children at different ages 
  • How to deal with little frustrations before they become big ones 
  • How to recognize and deal with children's feelings and needs 
  • How to recognize and attend to their own feelings and needs 

Children learn through games, songs, art activities, puppet play and discussion to: 

  • Control their behavior
  • Increase their sense of self-worth 
  • Understand their strengths and limitations
  • Recognize their own feelings and express their needs

Do Nurturing Parenting Programs take the place of therapy?

Nurturing Parenting Programs do not take the place of individual or family therapy. Families experiencing domestic violence, untreated sexual abuse, substance abuse, or other immediate crisis will be encouraged to seek therapeutic support to stabilize themselves before attending Nurturing Parenting Programs.