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Pinwheels for Prevention

‘Pinwheels for Prevention®’ Sweeps Across the
Country to Help Tackle Child Abuse

They’re popping up in front yards, at community events and in front of City Halls. They’re spinning in the winds of change blowing nationwide  next April during Child Abuse Prevention Month. The “Pinwheels for Prevention” campaign is bringing the belief in prevention to life in a number of ways in communities nationwide. The campaign is based on the belief that we must do more than simply respond to cases of abuse through prosecution and intervention – we need to provide programs and policies that focus on the child development process, engage communities and create conditions that allow parents to be the kinds of parents they want to be. These programs and policies include strategies such as home visiting, parent education, mutual self-help support, mental health services and substance abuse treatment.

Prevention priorities have historically lagged behind abuse response measures such as intervention and prosecution, but the “winds of change” have clearly begun to blow. The Pinwheels for Prevention campaign began in the wake of a study released in January by PCA America and the Pew Charitable Trust. The study documents pervasive and long-lasting effects of child abuse and neglect on children, their families and society as a whole.

Pinwheels for Prevention is the grassroots signature campaign for PCA America and its 48 chapters nationwide. The pinwheel has come to symbolize a person’s commitment to truly preventative measures, such as home visitation services, parent education and the overall re-prioritization of our policies, programs and resources to ensure that every child in the United States is provided with a healthy, safe and nurturing home and an involved, supportive and caring community. Many thanks to your generous efforts to help prevent child abuse!

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