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Prevent Child Abuse America President & CEO Dan Duffy

Statement from Dan Duffy Regarding the Separation of Children from their Families at our Border
19 June 2018

In regards to the current situation at the southern U.S. border and current policy of separating children from their parents,

Prevent Child Abuse America President & CEO Dan Duffy released the following statement:
“As a nation, we must set the highest standard possible in our unwavering pursuit to prevent

the abuse and neglect of children. Everyone agrees that separating children from their families

at our border is not a healthy or acceptable policy and counteracts our national value in protecting

children. We recognize the proven science surrounding toxic stress and the lifelong negative

consequences trauma can have on a child and their brain development. The data overwhelmingly

demonstrates that putting a child in a confusing and frightening situation, away from their parents

or caregivers, can, and will lead to long-term, negative health outcomes. It is imperative that both

sides of the political aisle, the Administration and Congress, come together immediately to find a

solution that strengthens families, does not separate them, and supports the well-being of all children.”