For information please call:
1(800) CHILDREN (VT) | (802) 229-5724


THE WALKS AND 5K RUN FOR CHILDREN Teams of walkers representing companies, clubs, and organizations from all over the state will step out to prevent child abuse together in the  WALKS AND 5K RUN FOR CHILDREN. Register your team for the  WALKS AND 5K RUN FOR CHILDREN and:

  • Demonstrate your company's concern for the health and safety of Vermont's children
  • Increase your company's visibility in the community Build teamwork among employees
  • Encourage good relationships between employees and their families as they walk together
  • Build company morale by caring enough to help PREVENT CHILD ABUSE!
  • If your company has a matching funds policy, please inform your team members of this wonderful incentive

Designate a team leader, set a fundraising goal, and we'll provide you with the support you need to get things going. It's easy to recruit walkers through memos, newsletters, and inter-office e-mail, as well as by hanging posters in break rooms and distributing the WALK TO END CHILD ABUSE brochure with employee paychecks. You can even organize a number of company teams to compete for an internal prize! A PCAV representative is always available to meet with team leaders or make a presentation at an employee meeting.

Your  WALKS AND 5K RUN FOR CHILDREN team should walk together, to proclaim your company's commitment to children and to the group, and enjoy a festive morning of community support for safe and healthy Vermont children. Your  WALKS AND 5K RUN FOR CHILDREN team will be recognized with:

  • A team photo on WALK day
  • A chance to win Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream party—awarded to the top fundraising team in each of the three categories:
    • Family/Friends
    • Business/Corporation
    • Club/Organization/Place or Worship